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About this site

Thank you for visiting and your interest in Dynamic display block themes. The site provides slideshow themes for the ddblock module and views_slideshow_ddblock module and installation packages. New themes and installation packages will be added periodically. You can also request a theme layout.


Our mission is to develop and maintain a broad spectrum of Dynamic display block themes and installation packages. We hope you can find a slideshow theme or package here which suits your project needs.


If you want us to develop a custom dynamic display block slideshow theme or customize an existing slideshow theme please contact us via the design requirements questionnaire.

We also provide consulting services - feel free to let us know what you need and we can send you an estimate. Please give as much information possible about your requirements and provide us a budget.

Please note: We have limited time to offer free support and help for general Drupal inquiries. We recommend reading the documentation on, posting your questions and issues in the Drupal Support Forums or in the issue queues of the particular modules.


We fully respect the privacy of the visitors of this Internet site, especially those who post comments on the site and those who send e-mail.

People who post comments are required to provide an e-mail address. These are only used to reply back to the poster if needed. E-mail addresses will not be shared, in any form with third parties without permission.


We hope the slideshow themes are useful for your Internet site and welcome you to post inquiries and comments on the contact form.