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Design requirements

A good preparation is the key to successful management of any project. The more preparation you (as client) and us (as designer) do right at the start of the project, the more smoothly the work will go. Communication and feedback are key factors during the whole project.

We have prepared a questionnaire for you (as client) to fill in to create an efficient workflow.

The goals of this questionnaire are:

  • to understand your goals with the project.
  • to understand your target market to create a design which best suits your needs.
  • to have enough information for further requirement questions.
  • to get an idea of the scope of the whole project and to create a Project proposal.
  • to minimize time spend to determine requirements.
  • to determine project planning.

We understand that new design requirement can emerge when a job is well underway, but any “extras” which are requested after work has commenced will involve more time and money, and will be bound by a new contract.

Theme customization questionnaire

Please give as much details as possible, it will save time for both you and us. It will help us to target your expectations in a short time. With a detailed description of your requirements we will be able to give an estimation of the time it will take to accomplish the project or we can offer the project for a fixed price when requested.

Please give an answer on all question, some parts of this questionnaire are detailed design questions. When you can not fill out the detail design requirements please give a detailed description in the remarks, we will discuss the detailed requirements then during further interviews.

First name, last name

Email address used to contact you

Company name when available

Design context

Check one or more checkboxes which describe your requirements. Add additional requirements to the remarks text area at the bottom of this block.


To get an impression of the overall layout of your Internet site and the colorschema used, please provide us the URL the Internet site where the dynamic display block slideshow will be placed on or the URL of the overall theme that is used or will be used on the website.

Providing a mockup of your required design, will greatly improve the understanding what you want to accomplish.


When you have a URL of a slideshow theme which resembles your requirements, please provide it here

The purpose of the project is to fullfil your goals. Please think about what you want to accomplish with the design and give a description of your goals, so we can meet your needs.

Even if the work isn’t urgent, a deadline is important for effective time management. Unless the scale of the design work is small, we can also negotiate a series of deadlines for the different stages of work. (Month, Day, Year)

$ (US)

To know your budget is really one of the most crucial. Do your research what you want to spend on the design and functionality so we can eventually provide you with the best solution. With knowing your budget, we can discuss with you what possible options you have and determine if your requirements can be developed. We know this is not always an easy task.

Remarks about your website layout, where to place the slideshow, your requirements and other remarks regarding questions in this section.

Design requirements

A dynamic display block slideshow theme can be landscape orientated (pager items at left or right side) or portrait oriented (pager items at top or bottom). Choose your required orientation.

What is the overall size of your slideshow?


What is the size of the slide image?


What is the size of the pager items?


What is the space between pager items? (0 for none)


How many pager items to show?

How many columns of pager-items to show?


PNG file format: PNG24 images can be used in most popular browsers, IE6 does not support translucent PNG24 images. For IE6 PNG8 transparent images are used. A pixel with this format is either totally transparent or has a color. PNG files are flat files which don't have layer information, etc.

PSD file format: Photoshop’s own format for saving files. XCF file format: Gimp format for saving files. PSD and XCF files save information about the file, including its layers and channels. E.g. each layer can be continually edited separately. Our PSD files are exported from GIMP.

Which Image formats do you require?

Style and colors

The style and color scheme for the slideshow and pager-items depends greatly on your overall theme. The importance of color in design can never be overstated. Color choices influence mood, emotion and tone; a carefully chosen color scheme can clearly express a specific design style. Do you want your slideshow to stand out on the site or do you like it to blend with the overall theme?

Colors in hex notation #FFFFFF, give two different colors for gradients, comma separated, e.g. for a black to white gradient #000000, #FFFFFF, none for no color.

What are the characteristics of the overall border?


What are the characteristics of the pager item border?


What are the characteristics of the pager item?

Readmore button

When you have a URL of an example "read more" button which resembles your requirements, please provide it here

Thank you for filling out the questionnaire. We are now able to evaluate your requirements.

Please click the submit button to send your completed form.