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Package requirements

For an efficient workflow to perform the Installation and configuration of the slideshow functionality, it is important we have all the necessary requirement information.

The goals of the questions are:

  • to gather background and access information.
  • to minimize time spend to determine requirements.
  • to eliminate consultancy costs.
  • to determine project planning.

We understand that new requirement can emerge when a job is well underway, but any “extras” which are requested after work has commenced will involve more time and money, and will be bound by a new contract.


Please give an answer on all question, and give a detailed description in the remarks, so we can perform the installation and configuration.

First name, last name

Email address used to contact you

Company name when available

Access Information

Access information to perform the installation and customizations



Remarks about the installation and configuration, useful for us to know, so we can perform the installation and configuration.

  • What is the size of the slideshow?
  • On which page to install the slideshow?
  • Which slideshow theme to use?
  • Etc.

Thank you for filling out the questionnaire. We are now able to evaluate your requirements.
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