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Sites using dynamic display block module

The following Internet sites are using dynamic display block module. Feel free to add your Internet site to the list. You must be a logged in to add your Internet site.

Posted on Dynamic display block usage Site URL
21-Mar-2011 just good wine: featured content using ddblock

There's a clear need for featuring specific content on a website's main...
23-Feb-2011 Homes & Residences

Real Estate Site: DDBlock is used to show pictures of the properties....
15-Dec-2010 Example ddblock slideshow on
15-Dec-2010 Example ddblock slideshow
10-Nov-2010 Example ddblock slideshow
13-Sep-2010 Example ddblock slideshow

Featured events & content
27-Jul-2010 Example ddblock slideshow

To feature photojournalist works, and to tease feature articles....
07-Jul-2010 Example ddblock slideshow
25-May-2010 - set your watch to way back when!

This Dynamic Display Block features images and videos and a built-in...
22-May-2010 Example ddblock slideshow

Fairly straightforward usage - the client is regularly updating the...